Photo: Jennifer Graham Photography

Photo: Jennifer Graham Photography

This week we are feeling very thankful for all of the opportunities that this grand globe has to offer and the many ways in which adventure has come to shape us.

Our friend, Eileen Flannigan, of Girls on Fire is empowering young ladies from the slums of Kenya by opening them up to more of the world around them. Through the experience of travel, they learn about other cultures, and in the process learn more about themselves. Ultimately, they develop a deeper connection with those around them and hone their sense of self-expression and leadership abilities.

Friends, this is the power of travel in action. The world becomes a smaller, more connected place and we grow from the experience.

If you’ve had the opportunity to travel (near or far) and understand the magic that it holds, I strongly encourage you to contribute to Eileen’s crowfunding campaign now.

Eileen is an inspiration, working hands-on with these young ladies and bootstrapping the whole thing into fruition. We’re thankful for curious, thoughtful leaders like her, and the next generation of bold adventurers being sparked! 

Donate here and read more about her amazing work here.




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